An entry for those who loves P.I.C.T.U.R.E.S


For a warm up entry after few weeks of silence, I mean, silence of ’empty’ entry, eh?! like my previous entries full of ‘things’ lah kan. heh. ;p

So, just let the pictures do the talk lah eh?!

‘lah’ in every sentence, so Malaysian! =.=”

He slept in that position for half an hour, just so you know. Incredible hulk huh? ;p

Ustaz Don Daniyal Don Biyajid
I were not able to see him ‘eye-to-eye’ lah! Because at that period, crowds clustered around him!!! and I can’t get through them!!!! Wani won! because she was standing there earlier for around an hour, waiting for him coming, while I have to accompany mak shopping lah, what else. ;p


Fun! Fun! with his talk lah. =.=”’

Vivy‘s wedding.
Her figure, like mine 10 years previous. Now, double. T_____T

Spotted akak Redmummy, and zoooooooommmmm the camera. *devil’s laugh*

nice captured wani. nice. grrr

bergambar dengan family, we are from vivy’s side.
I love the ‘majlis sambut menantu’ at Nogori Sombilan ever! Dijamu dengan durian yang baru dikopek (is this the right word,oho)! Segar! Kuning! Isi cantik! Satu lori mari. 

2 thoughts on “An entry for those who loves P.I.C.T.U.R.E.S”

  1. Ok style budak kecik tu tidur memang super cute.. hehehe

    Teringin nak pergi seminat Dr. Azizan tu tapi teringin lagi nak dengar talk Ustaz Don secara live..

    Pengantin yang cantik! 😉

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