For a warm up entry after few weeks of silence, I mean, silence of ’empty’ entry, eh?! like my previous entries full of ‘things’ lah kan. heh. ;p

So, just let the pictures do the talk lah eh?!

‘lah’ in every sentence, so Malaysian! =.=”

He slept in that position for half an hour, just so you know. Incredible hulk huh? ;p

Ustaz Don Daniyal Don Biyajid
I were not able to see him ‘eye-to-eye’ lah! Because at that period, crowds clustered around him!!! and I can’t get through them!!!! Wani won! because she was standing there earlier for around an hour, waiting for him coming, while I have to accompany mak shopping lah, what else. ;p


Fun! Fun! with his talk lah. =.=”’

Vivy‘s wedding.
Her figure, like mine 10 years previous. Now, double. T_____T

Spotted akak Redmummy, and zoooooooommmmm the camera. *devil’s laugh*

nice captured wani. nice. grrr

bergambar dengan family, we are from vivy’s side.
I love the ‘majlis sambut menantu’ at Nogori Sombilan ever! Dijamu dengan durian yang baru dikopek (is this the right word,oho)! Segar! Kuning! Isi cantik! Satu lori mari.